Richard Ketley

"Painting and drawing is an integral part of my life and has been since a very early age. At the moment I am interested in formal elements of painting and drawing inspired by the world around me and the many countries I visit, and in finding meaning where others do not - in the fall of light on a sandy building in Riyadh, the chaos of the shacks of Kampala, the crowded taxi parks of Johannesburg. My art is a search for perfection that is not often found in life. I am fortunate enough to travel widely in the Middle East and Africa, but I have not found my Tahiti - a landscape populated with many Venuses and primary colours, instead, I find landscapes covered in sandy construction sites, tin-roofed shacks, humanity sweating as trucks overloaded with voluminous bundles. But within these spaces, there is balance and form and structure - all elements that are abstracted in my paintings."- Richard Ketley